Web Testing

Web applications have a more complex user interface (UI) than Windows applications. In addition to AppTest Software's GUI testing, we use a checklist to test the web application UI thoroughly. The AppTest Software checklist includes the following tests:


Layout (Correct titles, readable content, consistent text sizes, text fonts and text alignment, consistent forecolors/ backcolors, read-only fields identified, web elements of consistent size, shape and style, images consistently aligned with text, no truncated content, correct tab order, printer-friendliness and containing site map, site search, Usage Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, About Us, FAQs and Contact Us).


Links (Standard colors, link text matching with link URL and correct and working links)


Forms (Linkage across multi-page forms, focus on the correct field, correct tab order, identification of mandatory versus optional fields, field able to display maximum allowed data, working buttons including Submit button, form retaining entered data even after re-load or failing validation and progress bars)


User data (Configurable content caching, only required client-side scripts, only required data stored in cookies and user data stored in the database as entered by the user).


Compatibility (Application works with standard browsers and their popular versions, works with various browser settings, works with various screen resolutions, works without additional programs like MS Word and works with internet connections of different speeds).


In addition, the AppTest Software team uses black box vulnerability scanners to complement the determination of vulnerabilities found by the above attack techniques.