Installation and Compatibility Testing

Installation and Compatibility testing is critical for the success of the application release. It involves testing whether the full install, partial install, upgrade process or update process works successfully on each supported system hardware and software configuration. AppTest Software executes the installation and compatibility testing per the following process:

Installation and Compatibility Test Planning

Before planning the install and compatibility tests, we at AppTest Software analyze the type of install (full, partial, upgrade and so on) and each of the supported server and client configurations. The configurations may be different in terms of hardware, Operating Systems, databases, browsers, component versions, configurations and even display resolutions. Based on this analysis and supported customer configurations, the minimum number of required test environment combinations is planned in a configuration matrix.

Preparation of test environments:

The required test server and client environment bases are re-used or prepared as given in the configuration matrix. In case limited hardware resources (e.g. hard disk space) are available, the higher priority test environments are prepared first, tested, dismantled and then the lower priority test environments are prepared. The AppTest Software team creates the base configuration for the install and compatibility test and backs up the image of the same.

Execution of Install Test

Depending on the type of install process, the AppTest Software testers analyze the install manual or readme file as the case maybe. Any missing or ambiguous notes are communicated to the test coordinator for resolution. On each test environment planned in the configuration matrix, the AppTest Software team executes the install instructions step by step. Though the focus is to check a successful installation, the AppTest Software testers also review the text given in the installer and check if the other functionalities of the installer work expectedly or not. Post successful installation, AppTest Software also archives the test environments for future re-use.

Execution of Compatibility Test

We execute a basic sanity test on each supported configuration in the configuration matrix. The AppTest Software team has access to a number of devices like monitors, network interface cards, modems, video cards, sound cards, cameras, printers and smartphones. However, if a specific device is unavailable to the team for the compatibility test, we borrow the same from the client.

Reporting defects, test results and configuration matrix

Any defects related to missing/ conflicting/ ambiguous/ incorrect data in the installation manual/ release notes, incorrect/ missing install steps or defects in the installer are confirmed, internally reviewed and reported to the test coordinator. Similarly, any defects pertaining to compatibility like display problems, functional issues and performance issues are also reported to the test coordinator. Test progress and test results are generated on a daily basis and shared with the test coordinator. At the end of testing and after internal review, the executed configuration matrix is delivered by AppTest Software to the client.