GUI Testing

The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the application is important because it is the only means for most end-users to interact with the application. We check each aspect of the GUI against AppTest Software's comprehensive checklist including but not limited to the following:


Navigation (Identification of navigation scheme and home screen, clarity and consistency of navigation buttons and labels, navigation using the minimum number of user operations and navigation across windows and frames)


Content (Relevance, completeness, organization and balance, screen layouts, screen and message box titles, font styles/ sizes/ spacing/ colors, working buttons, correct spelling and grammar, lists/ dropdowns with sorted data and buttons with correct tooltips).


User friendliness (Intuitive organization of user menus, toolbars, buttons and double click/ select/ cut-paste/ drag-drop operations, usage of standard/ self-explanatory words and images, default or example user data, handling blank/ zero/ null user inputs correctly and easily understandable and consistent error or warning messages).


Performance (Refresh/ download speed and partial versus full screen loads).


Accessibility (Keyboard only operation, minimum contrast ratio on every screen, alternate content for every image, audio, animation or video, time sufficiency for user operations and context sensitive help).